Marvelous Birthday Monday!

I haven’t joined

in a while and oh, boy, do I miss this blog event. This is likely the most positive blog event with optimistic, upbeat, marvelous posts allowing a happy and marvelous start of the week.

The past weeks I have been on the road again, visiting friends in Germany, attending a wedding and now cruising through Italy. How do I afford this? Well, one of the answers is that I can’t really anymore, savings are running out, we are looking for jobs (and oh boy, working with the headaches seem impossible), but on the other hand, crashing on friends coaches, couch-surfing, volunteer exchanges (work for room & board), house-sitting, free entry fees traveling off-season, hitch-hiking, car shares, budget airlines, deals on bus and train tickets and rarely ever eating out allowed a marvelous year running around the Balkans, Turkey, Eastern-Europe and now more Western-Europe and the Mediterranean. Marvelous times on one hand, on the other hand my daily headaches really made it miserable on the other hand…this is why I need to heal…but more on that below.

Some marvelous pictures of the past weeks:

Munich 243

Englisher Garden in Munich

luxemburg 148

Grapes for Breakfast in Luxembourg

tier & metlach 418

Beautiful Run in Mettlach, Saarland, Germany

saarbrucken & strasburg 091

Falling in Love with Strassbourg, France

catania and train 014

The Unbelievable Coastline on Catania, Sicily, Italy

pompeii and napoli 614

The Ruins of Pompeii, Italy

This is just a small selection… Today is my 30th birthday and I get to re-visit a small town I used to live in 20 years ago! Crazy times down in memory lane!!! Marvelous!

As said, while I am so thankful for my travels, my marvelous times are over-shadowed by chronic health problems that I seem to be unable to heal… I am not ‘part of the system’, have no family support, and frankly, have no money…even when we get a job (soon, I hope), I am unsure how I will back up treatments… I need help with my healing journey. Asking for help is difficult. Terribly difficult, yet, I put together a fundraising page… Feel free to look at it if you are so inclined to learn more about my journey and perhaps able to help. Either way, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my pictures of my stops around Europe.

Have a Marvelous Monday and a Marvelous Week!!!

To support my healing journey, please visit my ‘year of healing’ fundraising page.

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