How to remove turmeric from your skin

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Cooks and bakers have cooking and baking disasters. Food bloggers usually post about their successes rather than their failures, yet sometimes for fun there is a picture of a rock hard bread or a burned cake. Just for fun. Sometimes these posts are followed by a picture of a success and the story how the person figured out how to change the recipe and create magic from the disaster.

I am not a cook or a baker, so don’t look for a cooking magic or a cooking disaster in this post. However, I had a skin care disaster today.

I decide to make a turmeric face mask. Turmeric has so many benefits. I have used it for spot treatment before but never as a mask.

When I use it for spot treatment, I just mix it with water – and never had any problems. Silly me decided to use it as a mask the same way. Nevermind the fact that most mask recipes include honey and milk or yogurt in them…for a reason – apparently one of these reasons is to prevent staining.

It was all fun and games with my water-turmeric mix chilling on my face until I tried to remove it.

Oh, boy, it was not coming off. Or rather, the mask did come of but the color did not. I was looking like someone from the Simpsons. No joke!


Seriously! My entire face was yellow!!!

Now, considering that [surprise, surprise] I am not a cartoon character and I had plans to appear in public in this lifetime this wasn’t a slightly bit funny. I panicked a bit…


Okay…I panicked…a LOT!


Lemon water and lemon juice didn’t work…

Even though I am trying to stay away from chemicals and try natural skin care, I tried regular soup and commercial facewash…it didn’t work…

I didn’t have a toner or scrubbing alcohol at home and obviously going to get some was not an option.

Googling, googling, googling…nothing…and suddenly I found a new idea:

Mix water with sugar and scrub your face with it.

I had nothing to lose, so I tried it.

And guess what: it worked. I am not longer Lisa Simpson! I found the secret way to remove turmeric.

And guess what else: sugar and water is a wonderful exfoliator. My pores are super clean right now!

Of course, I trust you that – at least after reading this – you won’t be putting turmeric only mixed with water over your entire face. But if you are cooking with turmeric and your hands get stained, just mix a few tablespoons of sugar with some water, scrub your hands, it works magic! This is an awesome way to remove turmeric! Use the same – sugar and water – if you need a great exfoliator as well.

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60 thoughts on “How to remove turmeric from your skin

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  2. This definitely did work!
    I have another suggestion aswell that works as effectively as this one!
    Well, all you need is WATER and a few COTTON BALLS. Ta da
    1. Dip a cotton ball into a bowl of water

    2. Next, rub the cotton around your face wherever the haldi has left it stains.

    3. You will slowly see the yellow color on the cotton.

    4. Do this a few more times with fresh cotton balls until the haldi has completely been removed from your face!
    I do this all the time and it works everytime! 😀

  3. Ha ha ha. What an experience! Glad u got it removed. By the way u should try your hand at comedy. You really know how to express yourself with Humour. Simpsons… Ha ha ha!

  4. I was once an international flight attendant. I had a route to Asia where they would use lemon juice and sugar as a scrub. They said it had healing properties. I loved the way my skin would feel after a treatment.

    • Oh, no! I hope you figure something out soon! It worked so well for me. (Ps. you say ‘coming out’. Are you trying to get it off your skin or out of you clothes? I used it on my face and worked amazing…I am not sure if it would work on clothes or dishware.)

      • it came off my skin after standing and rubbing off with sugar water for 1.5 hours! =/ and fyi,its not a 100% removed. cuz when i wipe my face with the tissue, the tissue becomes yellow. man, had no ideea skin care with turmeric would be that tedious!

  5. Thank god I found this post! My first time using termic and I decided to use it with just water, because I didn’t have honey nor yogurt. I was freaking out already lol thanks a lot

  6. thanks a lot for sharing the recipe. I used sugar with milk instead and it worked like miracle. Plus I got the silky, smooth skin in bonus 🙂

  7. So far, I’ve been able to remove like 90% of of the yellowing with my shampoo, which emulsifies pretty well (it creates lots and lots of bubbles like you’d expect), but I’m happy to hear this little recipe.

    Is there any particular ratio of water:sugar you use or recommend?

  8. Oh god, this is actually so funny, I just had a turmeric + water mask on my face, and I suddenly looked at my hand and saw it yellow, I googled if turmeric could stain skin and it got me here. I RAN TO THE SINK TO TAKE IT OFF, it was too late hahaha. I actually tried taking it off with a cotton ball and rose water and it glided right off. OUFF! Now onto second try, honey + turmeric. If it still stains, I might have to try your trick haha. Thanks!

  9. Oh My Gosh! I just went through the same thing! I looked like an ompa lompa! I freaked out!!
    I first used soap, then coconut oil and then lucky last bicarb soda!!
    I think bicarb soda (or baking soda) works the same way as sugar does.
    But not only my face was stained, but my bowl that I used, my bathroom sink, taps handles, and my hands! I think my plastic bowl can not be saved but bleach worked on my bathroom sink and taps.
    It was such a nightmare!! My whole family was laughing and it took aggeess to remove!
    Infact, my face is still a little stained but since I’m very tired I’m just going to go to bed and hope it’s better by morning!

  10. Thank you so much for the advice. Currently have a yellow handle bar mustache on my upper lip. Apparently on the home remedy website for hair removal, you added some water or milk to 1-2 tsp of turmeric to form a paste and put it on for 20 minutes. Have tried lemon wedged dipped in sugar to remove the stupid stain and now the skin is irritated. Going to have to wait until tmorrow to try your advice. I just hope to God no one knocks on the door and I forget about the mustache!

  11. Same thing I did mask my face turn different color it look like black or shadow I was upset a lot but I kept harshing my face cleaning to remove it who is posted this mask it stubit adie

  12. just keep washing. for some people it comes of the same day or the day after and some can take a week to fully see results. Just keep exfoliating and washing

    My Face is yellow at the moment cause i just put the mask on but im not donna panic cause i know its just temporary

  13. Sadly I was just juicing and decided to use the turmeric pulp as a face mask, its so good for your body why not your face? Um yeah, yellow face. I hope this works I have to be somewhere in an hour! Thanks for the tip!

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  15. Thanks a lot for the tip.. any idea how to remove the stain from kitchen utensils though? It’s off from my hands but my brand new mixer is all yellow 😦

  16. I just made the mask and oh my gosh my face was entirely yellow. tried sugar but it did not work for me but lucky I have Dudu Osun Black Soap, which i use daily. its another trick for great skin. I washed my face with the soap 3 times and all if off. My skin feels amazing. for those of you this soap is amazing. i use it every night and it washes all my makeup off. it prevents pimples as well. found this secret when i had major breakouts and people on youtube swore by it.
    good luck

  17. In my quest for an all natural skin care regimen I thought it would be a good idea to have an all natural hair dye. I have natural dark brown hair and I’ve being dying my hair to a nice caramel gold dark blonde until my hairstylist moved out of state a few months ago and I refused to let anybody else touch my hair, after having dark roots on my hair for a couple of months I finally decided to dye it on my own, I got all the supplies ready and had my daughter apply the dye on my hair, to my surprise it turned gingery red on the root of my hair, not nice since the rest of my hair was a nice caramel gold dark blonde, but I took it in stride and dealt with it for a little bit until it faded into a lighter brown color, the next time around I dyed it on my own, but bought a different dye color, this time it turned a darker caramel/brown color… I still wanted lighter hair color and then I remember that in Mexico it is believed that if hair is rinsed with chamomile tea regularly your hair will gradually lighten… Being the experimenter that I am and thinking that my ideas are brilliantly original and fantastic I decided to mix chamomile tea with something else for a more dramatic lasting color, so after wrecking my brain I came up with the “fantastic” idea of mixing chamomile tea with turmeric… And for sure I had a “dramatic” lasting color, not on my hair but on my scalp, my ears, neckline and on my hands… I didn’t realize my morning hair rinse experiment had gone awry until a few hours later when I was in the office and my daughter stopped by to say hi… “Mom, why is your hair yellow, and your scalp and your ears?” I instinctively touch my hair and then she sees my hands.. “Your hands are yellow”!… I had noticed my yellow hands as I was driving that morning to work, but didn’t think much of it, I knew it was the turmeric, but never thought my hair scalp, ears and neckline would have a nice yellowish tint… I told her about my little experiment and we both had a good laugh, she even snapped a picture of me… It has been a couple of days since the my little experiment went awry and the yellowish tint is still lingering on my skin… a good reminder that a few of my ideas are not always as brilliantly-fantastic and original as I would believe them to be at any given time, actually some of them turn out to be more crazy, wild and some how preposterous and absurd…
    But even though this one hare-brained idea didn’t turn out exactly as expected I learned a couple of things.
    1. Turmeric dyes and STAINS skin and not hair, do not sub-estimate the power of nature.
    2. Laugh in the face of disaster. I will remember this epic failure for a long time, I’m sure my daughter will not let me forget either… !

  18. I know this is an old post but …. i used milk and turmeric instead of water not cuz i knew but because it was a recipe i saw online. Even STILL my face turned yellow? Very yellow ? Also hands of course too… and yes i tried sugar and water and then sugar and lemon.nn nope nada. Yet I’ve never felt softer skin in my life! So anyways I’m not panicking all too much surprisingly cause i know eventually fade away lol

  19. Castor oil works wonderfully and it’s easier and les abrasive for sensitive skin. I too have looked like a Simpson!

  20. Hi!
    I’m still yellowish (specially my hands) and worse than that, it had any kind of results on hair removal… 😦
    Any suggestion?

  21. I obviously wouldn’t do this on my face, but if liquid bleach gets rid of turmeric super quick… My hands were all stained after I used turmeric root for a curry dish. I sprayed some bleach household cleaner and presto! The turmeric turns reddish brown (I assume it oxidizes the curcumin) and then wash your hands with soap. It literally takes 30 seconds.

  22. Hey! Thank you so much for the great idea. I did the same mistake as yours 😂 but then when i tried washing my face, it came to be a disaster….i had no idea how to get rid of the yellow colour, so i starting googling nd hey! look i found your post and here it is now i’m ready to go for my coaching classes now haha! 😁😄

  23. Hi, Always use turmeric roots they are natural and doesnt leave any stains. The powders which you get in supermarkets has additional artificial dyes in it, which is the one responsible to make you look like simpsons.
    Powder the roots and add milk and rice flour and then massage you skin with it leave for 10 mins and then wash it with hot water and then spash cold water to close the pores.

  24. Sugar and water worked for me pretty good. Put turmeric and milk on rash on face and legs. Legs still a bit yellow – will just wear long skirts until it fades. Thanks

  25. Thank u so muchhhhhhh…..!!!!
    I decided to look good for my gf and so decided to apply some face pack to get rid of my tanning. And i exactly like some Simpson’s character. U r a life saver.

  26. Just found myself int he same situation – Yellow Faced Human!
    It was so funny because I read really a lot of positive reviews about the properties of turmenic but none of then addressed the yellow color issue.
    I don’t think that I will continue to try it as a face mask because not only I had yellow face until I scrubbed the hell out of it but I have yellow bathtub and it seems that sugar scrub did wonders only for my face but not the tub. Tried to clean it with other chemicals but nothing.

    Anyhow, fun post. Keep up the great work, 🙂

  27. Hahaha. Thank you for this explanation. Im a black male with severe uneven skin tone (gotdamn Arizona Sun) so Im trying a Turmeric, Olive oil, lemon juice, tap water face/neck mask for the first time. After the mixing my palms turned mustard yellow. I nonchalantly wiped them on my pants and those turned yellow to. I decided to rinse my hands off and the sink turned yellow. Now yellow is everywhere. Being darkskined, I have no idea how my face will look. Thanks for this mix knowledge ahead of time. I knew something this great came with a price somewhere.


  28. OMG while I was reading this I pictured myself in this awful situation… This morning 😂, I tried for the first the turmeric mask, but I DID mixed it with honey and when I washed it off I saw this yellow oompa loompa character on my mirror!!! 😱😱😱. I had a class to teach in 10 mins and a yellow stain that would not come out…. So I did most of the things you did but the sugar scrub. Finally I put some aloe vera gel and forgot about it. After 3 hours I washed my face again and it was much better! So Im not sure If I wanna try again… But I would definitely try the sugar today!! Thanks for the advice!

  29. I used lemon juice n turmeric n am left with yellow face n palms. tried your recipe of sugar n water but it hasn’t helped. I have washed with soap n later used almond face scrub as well. now my face is swollen with all the rubbing. have a public appearence tomorrow. quite distrssed.

  30. Love your post!!!! Just used fresh turmeric for the first time and my hands look like Marge Simpson. Not a good look back on the first day back in the office tomorrow after the Christmas holidays!!!! Thank you for the solution!!!!

  31. I went through the traumatic experience this morning. I put turmeric all over my face and shoulders. I used the scrub and it worked. I would recommend an oat scrub though (it is easier on your skin).

    Desperate as I was, I tried everything to remove everything off (since the scrub did not do that). And by experimenting with different things, I found out that shaving cream works magic! It did not remove all of it (maybe because my skin is super white) but it removed enough that no colleague could notice.

    Best of luck!

  32. Thank you so much for posting this… I didn’t just do face mask, I pit it in a bath and turned myself from head to toe into one of the simpsons, as one friend put it I was a living breathing spice girl. I had to get a friend around and help me scrub for hours with the sugar mixture, probably one of my most embarrassing few hours ever, I had to get myself into some surreal state of mind to try and forget I was standing there in my birthday suit being scrubbed. I mixed the sugar mixture with some coconut oil before putting it on my face and that worked as well, and felt a little more gentle on my skin.

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