10 reasons … I love running!

1. Feeling Alive: I feel the most alive when I run. I am happy. I am energetic. My heart is pumping. My blood is moving. My brain is going. Everything is moving. I feel so alive when I run.

2. Freedom: Running gives me freedom. It gives me freedom from all problems. It frees my mind, frees my spirits, frees me from anything else. When I run it is all about running and freedom from the rest of the world.

3. Happiness: I cannot describe how happy I feel when I run. Or just thinking about running. Really, running puts me into such a positive and happy state of mind no matter how bad I feel otherwise. Running IS happiness.

4. Thinking Time: When I run, it is only me and my thoughts. I don’t run with music, and even on the most crowded city I am able to lock my surrounding out. I think of the most amazing ideas, solve problems, and come to understand many things during my runs.

5. Relaxation: Yes, running is my meditation, my yoga, and my relaxation. I truly feel relaxed and in peace when running. Nothing comes close to this relaxed state of mind.

6. Being One with Nature: I love running in the forest on remote trails where I can be in nature. I spent 2 months in the remote mountains of Turkey and never met a sole during my runs. I felt alive and completely one with nature.

7. Pushing My Body: I love pushing my body, pushing my limits and seeing what it is capable of doing. I am thankful for each step I run and thankful for my legs for carrying me.

8. Energy: Running makes me feel energized. I feel energized when I run. And I feel re-energized after my run. No matter how tired I was before, running gives me a boost of energy.

9. A Different Perspective: Running gives me a different perspective. Not only in my mind, but in general, I see places and see the world from a different angle when running. This is one of the reasons I love running in new towns and on new trails.

10. Love and Passion: I would marry running if I could. Luckily for my boyfriend, unluckily for me, it is not possible. But I truly am passionate about and love running so much. I am thankful for running in my life.


Do you like running? Why? If not, what makes you feel really happy and free?


6 thoughts on “10 reasons … I love running!

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  3. Love this post, Kat! Running is my passion as well, and you couldn’t have described the reasons why more perfectly. I love running through the dark and chasing the sunrise. There is nothing like it and it is my favorite way to start the day. I just discovered your blog and am loving it. Can’t wait to read more!

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