10 Reasons I Love Salads!

1. Taste: plain and simple, I just love how salads taste, I love vegetables.

2. Alkaline: an alkaline body is a healthy body and vegetables are extremely alkaline

3. Vitamins: salads are full of vitamins and minerals and include all the macro and micronutrients we need

4. Raw: salads are water-containing life-force foods, due to their raw nature all the nutrients are easily available

5. Texture: I love the crunchy texture of salads

6. Creativity: you can get incredibly creative with salads and make a new one every day

7. Variety: again, with all the veggies (and fruits, nuts and seeds) available, you can create a new salad every single day

8.  Easy: making a salad is easy and there is no way to mess it up

9. Toppings: though I don’t like using dressings often, I do enjoy a variety of toppings, including seeds, nuts, fruits and dried fruits

10. Happiness: salads put me into a happy place, I am happy making them, happy eating them, salads just make me happy




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