Vision boards – travel size!

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, vision boards are an amazing source of inspiration.

Vision boards can include your dreams and your goals. Vision boards keep you on track and keep you motivated. Vision boards aid visualization. Vision boards keep your dreams and goals (your vision) in sight. And for the fans of the Law of Attraction, vision boards communicate with the Universe and aid manifestation of dreams.

Vision boards are personal and unique. Moreover, they are so much fun to make. You can learn more about making a vision board here, here and here (and from a million other online resources).

But what if you have limited resources, limited space, you are about to move or you are traveling? First, you can always create a vision board online using Pinterest, photoshop or Paint. But I understand that you rather get your hands messy, cut out pictures, glue, draw, write and paint. I also understand that you want your vision board to be a ‘real board’ in a paper format.

No worries, vision boards don’t have to be big! Just like people, vision boards come in all shapes and sizes.

As a global nomad, I move around and travel a lot. My belongings pretty much fit into a backpack. I certainly can’t carry around a big cart board full of my visions. Yet, I have three vision boards. Not one, but three!


My first vision board is a bit smaller than a notebook. It is a ‘general vision board’, includes general dreams, goals and wants I have related to life, including health, happiness, love and peace. It is a general feel good resource. I am still working on a vision board that is less general, but includes very specific dreams and goals, such as enrolling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, traveling to India, or having a Vitamix Blender.


My second vision board is even smaller. It is related to main passion and the love of my life: running. It keeps me inspired and motivated and reminds me of the joy of loving. My other passion is traveling and I am hoping to create a travel related board as well.


My last vision board is tiny. It fits into my wallet and is smaller than my palm. Like the first one, it includes all my general dreams, goals, wants and needs in life. It is a small inspiration and motivation in my wallet. It only includes words, not pictures, but it does the job. It is always with me.


Now, even if you have space and resources to create a huge vision board, you can always create some smaller ones to keep it hanging at your office, in your basement, in your bathroom, on your pantry door, on your treadmill, in your car, in your wallet or anywhere else.

Remember, no matter how big or small, vision boards are magical and can include your biggest dreams. Get you vision board on, guys!


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