Detox tip: Dry-brushing

Want to incorporate another detoxifying practice into your life? Why not add dry-brushing?!


I first heard about dry-brushing over a year ago. My initial reaction was; this is crazy. But then I read up on the benefits and decided to try it. I ended up loving it and incorporating it into my daily practice.

So why dry-brush? What are the benefits?

  • Great for circulation: dry brushing increases blood flow and increases circulation allowing better detoxification.
  • Stimulates you lymphatic system: the lymphatic system delivers important molecules like vitamins to your lymphatic organs, which help to detoxify your body. Stimulating the lymphatic system also increases you immunity.
  • Detoxifies your skin: The skin is the largest organ. Dry skin brushing removes dead skin cells allowing toxins to leave the body through the skin.
  • Improves your skin: Removing dead skin cells and opening pores to allow them to breath and absorb nutrients. It makes your skin smoother, removes rough patches and even helps with cellulite.
  • Great for stress relief: By increasing the blood flow and stimulating nerve endings it reduces stress and rejuvenates the nervous system.

How to dry-brush?

  • Your skin should be dry (duh).
  • Use circular motions always moving towards your heart.
  • Start with you leg, move onto your arm, back then your belly.
  • Always take a shower after.



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