5Rhythms – My Love Story

You feel butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. You are so excited that you feel that you could reach the sky. Yet you somehow feel happy, calm and content. You want to touch, feel, hug, kiss, and experience…you want to feel it over and over again. It feels different every time, yet it feels the same. It it only gets better and better. You feel connected and safe. You want to share your joy with everyone. You are most certainly have fallen deeply in love.

No, I am not talking about a new boyfriend. I am most certainly content with my current one. But, sorry, Hon’, I am writing about another love. A new love: the love of dance or the dance of love: 5Rhythms.

Last year when I was in Turkey, one day I was rather upset and somehow had the urge to go to the forest and dance (I was living in the Turkish mountains, in the middle of nowhere, in nature). It became a habit to go and dance in the forest, alone with nature, in peace, in safety. I am not sure when this idea came from, but I quickly forgotten about it after leaving.

I am not a dancer. I was kicked out of jazz ballet. I have no rhythm. I am not flexible. I was laughed by my friends at middle school dance parties when I danced. If I danced. Usually I didn’t. At a party you will find me sitting in the corner bored without any desire to dance. Yet, when this summer a friend of mine was talking about 5Rhythms I knew I had to try it. When a few weeks ago I found myself in a difficult situation being sorta stuck in my birth country I began to search for outlets, workshops, and of course healing methods for my headaches, and generally for my body and mind. I googled 5Rhytms and turned out they not only had a studio here, but also an open day workshop. So I went. And I fell in love.

“The 5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice, an improvisational form of dance. The 5Rhythms are states of being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go on all planes of consciousness. In dancing them the body becomes our Spiritual path.” (source) It is developed by Gabrielle Roth and you can find out more about it here.

It would difficult to put this experience into words. It is a dance without any instruction. The music follows five different rhytms and you just move, dance (or don’t move) as you feel like, as your body guides you, without thoughts, without judgement, being aware, being present, yet letting go, being yourself, being connected…it is a true meditation in a sense. I have never felt so free, so safe, and so present in the moment as during 5Rhythms. I think I have found my meditation practice…

“Once your body surrenders to movement, your soul remembers its dance.” (Gabrielle Roth)

“If you just set people in motion they will heal themselves.” (Gabrielle Roth)

It is also an amazing supplement to running. With running I feel freedom, I feel connection to nature, I am truly myself, and things fall into place in my mind. Yet, running is sort of a pre-determined motion (if I move differently it is not running anymore). And I am certainly thinking while running, thinking in a different level, but thinking. 5Rhythms is a complete let go for me. The are no pre-determined motions: I move as it comes and it is all okay. I am completely present without thinking. Thoughts come and go, but I acknowledge them and wave good-bye. I don’t analyze. I feel. I experience. I connect. I love.

“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in cycles. A human being is just this. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.” (Gabrielle Roth)

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop fining comfort in the sweet territory of silence?” (Gabrielle Roth)

With or without 5Rhytms, go find you dance, you song, your stillness, your peace, your connection, your freedom, and your love.


One thought on “5Rhythms – My Love Story

  1. Mar korabban irni akartam, hogy annyira csodalatos, hogy ratalaltal erre a fajta ‘meditaciora’, ellazulasra, elengedesi formara… en is ugy gondolom, hogy meditalni nemcsak torokulesben a foldon lehet. Szoktam en is futas, setalas, de vasalas vagy repa szeleteles kozben is 🙂 Surrendering to love & life ♥

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