The Benefits of Tree Hugging

I have a strange question for you. Have you hugged a tree today?


I have. Today after sitting and reading in a park, I was walking around and saw a tree. I knew that he was the one right away. I ran over there and wrapped my arms around the chosen tree. I didn’t really care if people found me weird. It felt good.

Hugging trees is not only for hippies but for all of us. Hugging trees have many health benefits.

Hugging a tree connects you to nature like no other. Seriously, hugging my tree today I felt the energy flowing through my body. I felt like I was one one with nature.

Trees are friendly creatures that give a strong shoulder to lean on. They need to be hugged and they hug you back by improving your health.

Tree hugging can improve many health issues such as ADHD, depression, other mental illnesses, headaches, reaction time and concentration levels. Tree hugging and ‘playing among trees’ improves creativity, cognitive and emotional abilities improved. Trees create tranquility, restful feelings, reduce stress, reduce pain and induce relaxation.



12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Tree Hugging

      • I haven’t read anything on this, but I believe the trees energy is most abundant at the base, close to where it meets the earth. You get the benefits of earthing as well by lying on the ground with your head at the base of the tree. Relax and let your body find its natural breathing rhythm. The energy that nature has to offer is overwhelming.


    • Interesting point. While I agree that trees don’t particularly need hugs, I do think it is good for them to have us close to them. Naturally trees, other plants and animals (humans inclusive) should be living together peacefully without environmental destruction (like houses, cars, de-forestation, air pollution etc)…we should be running around naked in the untouched nature among the trees…we are far from this natural purity and a part of me wants to believe that trees (and other plants) also need our closeness and this connection…

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