Benefits of Strawberries

I am probably not the only one who had her fair share of chocolate covered strawberries this Valentine’s “Season”.


This is not a bad thing considering that strawberries have some amazing health benefits:

  • They lower the chance of cardiovascular disease due to their high contents of flavonoids.
  • They reduce inflammation as they lower blood levels of C-reactive protein
  • They promote bone health due to their potassium content
  • They build strong nails and hair because they are filled with biotin
  • They aid digestion because of their high-fiber content
  • They aid weight loss because they contain nitrate that promotes blood flow and oxygen in our body

They are not only healthy but they taste amazing too. And let’s just forget about all the chocolate they were covered with the past days, shall we?!




5 thoughts on “Benefits of Strawberries

    • make some. make some. I just love them 🙂 When I used to teach English in Barcelona with my flatmates we sometimes started the day with sangria and ended with chocolate covered strawberries…now that was before my ‘health nut’ times, but the occasional chocolate covered strawberries should be part of a balanced life, I think 😛

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