I Am Not Perfect but I Embrace My Journey

I have a confession to make.

I am a health coach. And I am not perfect.

Surprise, surprise?!

Every so often I run into this assumption that since I am a health coach I must be perfect: perfectly healthy, perfectly balance, eating perfect, feeling perfect…and did I mention being perfect?! As health coaches we all must have ALL our shit together. We must be a finished product.

Of course, many coaches play into this misconception as well, by only showing a picture perfect life on their website with professionally made glowing photos, certainly no in their pajamas and most certainly not a bad day. That is all normal, I might add. It wouldn’t be inspiring to post photos of ourselves when we have a cold or woke up late or god forbid, we craved a bit of Nutella.

But to be authentic, in reality we are not perfect either.

Yes, I am a speaking plural. No health coach, life coach or inspiring person you see on the net is perfect. As a fellow health coach and friend, stated, whoever says they don’t have any shit going on are standing in it knee deep.

True. There is no such thing as perfection.

Yes, I have healed my chronic hip pains. I am no longer lying in bed with hip and lower-back pain in tears. Instead I am running again joyfully and loving the long distance without even the slightest sight of pain. Yes, I have healed my chronic headaches. I am no longer suffering from pounding pain being unable to think at times. Instead, I am enjoying a pain-free clear mind with gratitude. Yes, I have healed my heart from a series of emotional drama, including trauma from physical abuse in my childhood and teenage years, bullying from peers, low self-esteem, self-hate, and depression. Instead, I forgave, I am grateful, I am happy and looking for the positive side of life.

But I am not perfect. I am not sitting here hanging my leg in the warm ocean arms crossed like I have nothing to do anymore. There is no such thing as a finished product. I go to self-development workshops, I read books (and not only for professional development!), I keep up with all my holistic health practices from juicing to journaling, I always seek out new challenges, I am always open to learn and here to evolve. Yes, there are times when life gets in the way and there are days when I don’t get my morning journaling in or end up skipping my juice. Yes, I have good days and bad days, awesome days and terrible days, average days and blah days. I am human.

My journey is not a straight like but a crazy road with full of twists and turns. I have learned so much. I have changed so much (for the better). I healed so many of my physical and emotional issues. I evolved. I am proud of it.

But the biggest step in my own journey was to learn acceptance. I learnt to see the reason behind everything. I see the opportunity in everything. And even if I don’t clearly see the reason behind a challenge, just accept it as is, just accept it as a test, as an experiment, and an opportunity to grow. Every encounter we have in life – good or bad – is an opportunity for us to learn and to evolve. I do my best to accept every situation, to learn from in and at times when I slip back to an old pattern just get back up as quickly as possible and continue my journey.

Most importantly, doesn’t matter which point I am in at the moment, I always, always embrace my journey and the transformation it is bringing me.

So my message to you now: nobody is perfect, I am not perfect and you don’t have to be either.

Instead of looking for perfection look for progression, evolution and transformation. Look at life as a journey, see the opportunity in everything, be ready to grow, be open to challenges and get ready for your transformation.

(Written: May 8, 2014)


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