Healing Holistically

Ever since I can remember I have always been interested in psychology, people’s feelings and emotions, their personal experiences, their sadness and their happiness. I studied psychology, educational sciences and children’s rights. I worked as a peer counselor, social researcher and educator. Clearly, I had the ‘mind’-part down of the mind-body-soul equation. (In theory at least…)

Later on I started having health problems. My chronic headaches got terribly bad. My quality of life was inexistent. Eventually I lost hope in modern medicine and doctors and started turning towards alternative treatment. I started learning about nutrition as medicine and came across the term holistic healing and holistic health. I loved the concept: it all made sense. I was inspired by the holistic connection: started a blog and eventually enrolled at IIN to become a health coach.

My healing path was first about nutrition. I started to pay less attention to the mind and soul, but started almost obsessively focus on food. I have to admit: I was eventually getting a bit discouraged. I was reading all the amazing healing stories – people curing all sorts of diseases with food – yet I was not healing no matter how clean I ate, no matter how many cleanses I did, no matter how many green juices I enjoyed, no matter how well I followed my elimination diet…no matter… I was not feeling better. Yet, I was still believing in the power of food. I knew food can be a powerful medicine yet it wasn’t working for me.

Why? Because I was ignoring my mind and my soul.

Eventually, as walking my path, I took a big turn: I started focusing on my mind and soul again. I got really serious about self-development and self-discovery: forgiveness, gratitude, journaling, positive self-talk, self-loving exercises and more. I became open to all sorts of spiritual healing methods and fell in love with family constellations in particular. I got involved with 5Rhythms dancing, a movement meditation practice.

I healed… My headaches healed. I started feeling happier and healthier. The journey is not over: I am still healing, still learning, still evolving. But my life changed when I started focusing on all aspects of my being: my mind, my body and my soul.

Life became whole, better and more meaningful when I finally really understood what holistic health, holistic healing and holistic being was all about.

When I first started my blog (on a free wordpress page) it was mostly about food and self-care, but then – especially after moving to this site – I started to write more about the mind, the soul, self-development, self-esteem, self-love, forgiveness, gratitude and so on. From the body I moved to the mind and soul.

I am constantly preaching that the mind-body-soul connection is truly important yet in my writing I seem to be ignoring the body. Since I want to do and to write as I preach, from now on I intend to write a bit more about the body, food, and self-care. I am not going to be a food blogger or a recipe developer: that it not me.

As always I will be sharing my journey in an authentic manner. My posts will likely be still overwhelmingly about the mind and the soul, but the body will not be ignored.

Stay tuned for nutritional information, exercise tips and self-care advice for true holistic health. And of course watch out for all my posts and articles on healing of the mind and soul, the holistic mind-body-soul connection, healing your emotional pain and traumas, developing self-love and creating happiness.

(written: Sept. 20, 2014)


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