How to Have More Gratitude in Your Life


Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is so grateful.

You should be grateful too/

But perhaps it is difficult. It is difficult to be so grateful all the time. It is difficult for you to really feel the gratitude.

I understand. Believe me, I’ve been there.

When I was growing up gratitude was not on the agenda. I was not raised religiously, neither was raised in the US celebrating Thanksgiving to at least occasionally be semi-thankful for something. It is embarrassing to admit but in my family we didn’t even have to say thank you. True gratitude was out of the picture.

When I started my healing journey I kept hearing about this thing called ‘gratitude’. I learned that I should keep a gratitude journal and I should be humbly grateful during each yoga class.

But what the heck was gratitude. I had no idea. Two years ago gratitude was a word to me, a practice others did and a feeling others felt. I had no experience with it. I had no idea how it felt.

Today I can honestly say that I am incredibly grateful for so many things in my life. Every day I am grateful for little things.

I keep a gratitude list. Every night I write down three new things I am grateful for. I end every month with a list of gratitude acknowledging all the amazing things I am thankful for. I practice gratitude throughout the day.

I truly feel grateful.

It was a learning process for me though. I am getting better at it and feeling more and more grateful every single day.

Gratitude is like a muscle. If you practice, you get better and stronger at it.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be something enormous. It doesn’t have to be life-changing or a constant experience right away.

Just notice the small little things and feel happy for the experience. A beaver crossing the street, an email from a friend, a beautiful sunset or a crispy apple are all sources of happy little things to be thankful for. Connect the happiness you find in these small things with thankfulness then slowly deepen this feeling into deep gratitude

Slowly but surely you will notice more and more little things. Your gratitude will deepen. The feeling of gratitude will be in your life more often than not.

Just trust. Smile. Deep breath. Let yourself feel the gratitude.

(Written on June 15, 2014)


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