What are your values?

In healing it is essential to find our true selves and live, to live our true selves and to fulfill our true desires. In order to do that, we have to know ourselves. One important step to do that is to clarify our value system – and of course to start living accordingly. Values can be identified in two ways: general values (eg. freedom, equality, justice) and as personal characteristics (eg. helpful, cheerful, hard-working).

There are many ways to figure out or values and you can use several tools for that. Today I used a coaching tool I use with my clients that after selecting 10 different values from a list helps us to rank them in importance. Surely it is just an idea, our value system can change over time, but still I find it crucial to have a generally good idea of our values to start living according to them.

Remember, values are guiding principles to our lives.

My Top 10 Values:

1. Happiness

2. Harmony & Mature Love

3. True Friendship & Family Security

4. Self-Respect

5. Freedom

6. Comfortable (prosperous) life

7. World of Peace & World of Beauty

*the ones ranked the same have received the same score in the exercise

My Top 10 Values as in Personal Characteristics:

1. Loving

2. Honesty

3. Open-minded & Courageous

4. Capable

5. Helpful & Cheerful

6. Independent

7. Imaginative

*the ones ranked the same have received the same score in the exercise

So now that I have my top values and characteristics I can start evaluating how are they present in my life. Are they present in my life? Am I living up to these values? How can I live according to these values? It is time to start using them as guiding principles. Perhaps I will stick them on my wall next to my bed!

What are your top values? Do you use them as guiding principles? How are they present in your life?

(Note: if you are interested in the value exercise I’ve done and interested in exploring your values, email me at happyhealthy365@gmail.com)

(written: Feb. 26, 2014)


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