Why I write – my little world

Writing is not something I do. Writing is something I live.

I write because I know no life otherwise.

I write because I can’t live otherwise.

I write because writing lets me fly.

It is not about being good, talented, proper or artistic… It is simply about living – without rules, free.

I move into my head, into this cozy intimate space of personal discoveries, limitless potential, abundance of love and emotional release.

I forget when I am. I forget who I am.

Sometimes it is not even me moving the pen. Yet I actually find the real me.

When I write I tap into the true me. Writing lets me tap into the universal love, freedom and abundance.

There is no time. There is no space. There is no pressure. The is no judgment. There are no rules – not for me.

Writing is a way to hide – yet it is also a way to show who I really am. Vulnerably. Authentically. Openly. Honestly. Lovingly.

Writing is a way to cry out my pain, to release my sorrow, to express my joy and to inspire my soul. Writing is living my purpose – without trying.

Writing is following my intuition. Writing is actually teaching me what is my intuition.

Writing for me is raw, shapeless, borderless and limitless.

Writing is not a conscious creation, planned creativity or structured activity.

Writing just comes. Writing just happens. Writing just flows.

When the inspiration and the need overthrows me, I just have to write. There is no other way.

Even if there isn’t any pen, paper or computer, I still write. I just write in my head with my imaginary pen.

I am always writing in my head.

Stories, articles, poems, letters, blog posts, books and more.

So much of my writing never makes it to paper. Yet, somehow it is still writing. I am writing my words onto my brain cells.

But often I find paper – even better.

I just write and write. I write my heart out. For me, for you, for the world.

Everything I write is the pure and raw me. Word vomit, you may say. Magic, I know.

My true self appears without a mask. My true self is showing up in front of you, here on this page among these lines.






Just me.

No marks.

No judgments.

Writing is healing.
Writing is dreaming.

Writing is dreaming.

Writing is freeing.

I write because writing is love.

I write because writing is life.

I write because writing is freedom.

I write because writing is me.


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