You never know who you inspire

You never know who is watching you. You never know who reads and who hears your words. You never know who is cheering for you. You never know who you inspire.

Today I got a message from a woman on Facebook. We are Facebook friends, but we’ve never met. We went to the same retreat once but on different dates, so we landed in the same Facebook group for ‘retreat graduates’. It is possible that I have replied to some of her posts in the group or she has replied to mines, but to be honest, I am not sure. I know who she is and has read her posts, statuses, knew some of her struggles, some of her dreams, but we have never exchanged words.

Today she messaged me.

She said she’s been watching me, watching me from the beginning, when she first noticed me. At first she was worried about me. Then she didn’t understand how could I speak about freedom, when I wasn’t free. Then she noticed a picture, one where I was free, and she started to envy me. Then she saw more pictures and envied me more. Yet, I was an example. She started believing it was possible. She saw me healing, she saw me free, and she started to believe it was possible for her too. Because it was possible for me, she believed it was possible for her too. She said she can’t explain how much I meant for her. And now she is free.

Her words brought me tears. She is not a client, not a friend, but someone who has been watching from the distance – that I didn’t even know about.

Though I am not sure how and why me, why have I become the example, but it doesn’t matter. She has somehow found her own strength in my story, in my pictures and in my words. It wasn’t so much my life, it was her courage and strength that she was inspired by. She felt empowered. By herself. She had found her answers. At the most, I was a tool of inspiration.

Yet, her words brought me inspiration, gratitude, strength and empowerment.

I am deeply grateful for her words. I feel honored and blessed. I am smiling to the moon. I am happy that I was able to unknowingly give. I am even happier and inspired by her journey. I am so blessed by the beautiful connection between us – all of us.

I never know who is watching. You never know who is watching. It can be your life story, a well prepared post or just a spur of the moment picture: you never know who finds their strength and hope in that.

But just know: someone is watching you, someone is hearing you, someone is listening to you.

You inspire someone and in return they inspire you too.


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