An easy way to get shit done! (Self-Help Hack)

Do you keep lists?

Perhaps you are super organized, creative or even obsessive that you have a special book for lists and your lists are hanging off your bulletin board and fridge? Perhaps they are scattered all over your place on post-its? Or maybe you dont even write them down but your brain is ready to explode from them?

To-do Lists? Bucket Lists? Wish Lists? And so on… I bet you have a whole bunch of things you are putting off for soooo long whether they are thing you think you have to do or things you dream of doing? Somehow they never make it to the priority list and they’ve been on the list for years and years. Yet, they are bugging you, you can’t sleep and feel bad because uh, you just can’t get shit done, no time, no money, no motivation, something is missing. The bad feeling is not going away…neither is the thing on the list.

Time to get things done FOREVER now. How?

Make a list of all the things you’ve been putting off for years (or for what you consider to be a long time).

Cross one off the list! Heck, cross off two!

And you are done with it: forever. It just disappeared from the list. For good.

I am serious though!

These things are on your list for a reason. Perhaps you are simply not serious about it and deep inside you do not want to do it. Maybe you really do not want to clean out your closet, learn salsa or visit Colorado? If you you don’t actually want to do this, if it is not true to you, cross it off: you don’t  have to do it.

Perhaps, at one point you were serious about this, but time passed and now you are not sure. Again, if it is not true to you anymore: cross it off.

Maybe you really don’t have the time or the money to take care of this at any point in time in the near future. Cross it off! If it is not realistic, why keep it on your list to make yourself feel bad about it.

If you have any other reason not to do this, still cross it off. Again, there is absolutely no reason to lose sleep and feel bad about not doing something that is not true, not possible or not fitting for you.

If you so choose to keep something on the list then actually prioritize it, make plans and a time-frame and DO IT! So it gets crossed of your list.

Now don’t get scared here: just because you’ve crossed something off your list, it doesn’t mean it can’t go back on. Maybe in the future it will become important enough again, you will have time, money and motivation for it. Then when the time is right and it is right for your heart, just put it back on your list and actually DO IT then. It will feel much better.

You will feel a huge rock being lifted of your shoulder if you do this exercise. So just grab your list and cross things off. Now. Don’t put this off 🙂


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