5 Language of Love

How do they express their love to your significant other? When do they feel loved by your partner?

We have several ways to express and to receive love: though physical touch, through words of affirmation, through receiving gifts, through acts of service and through quality of time. These are the 5 languages of love as developed by Gary D. Chapman.

We all have a preference of how we like to receive and give love. Some people prefer physical touch while others enjoy giving gifts. If you are a gift-giver and buying flowers, candy and concert tickets to your partner to show your love and care, it is great if she/he also prefer gifts as an expression of love. However, if her language of love is physical touch, he/she may prefer a hug instead of a box of candy.

This seemingly basic thing can create issues in relationships so it is useful to know your love language and the love language of your partner.

You do not have to have the same love language but need to be aware of the language of your partner.

If you are curious to learn about your and your partner’s language of love, take the test here.5 Languages of Love HappyHealthy365 dot com


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