Loving, Respecting & Caring for Yourself

What does your body need?

What does ‘working on your body means? What does loving your body mean? What does respecting your body mean? All they all necessary? Why or why not (and how)? How do these things compliment each other? What action can you take to work on, love and respect your body*? (*if you feel that not all 3 are necessary: what actions can you take to do the 1 or 2 that you find crucial?) What else does your body need?

So often we hear women to say that they are working on their bodies or they need to work on their bodies? But what does that truly mean?

To me “working on my body” feel like chore. It feels like pressure. It doesn’t feel gentle. It feels like something (or everything) flawed and wrong and I must correct it. It doesn’t feel loving. It doesn’t feel fun. It feels like being in the military. It feels like I am a bad person and I must correct my behavior. I don’t feel the love.

Caring for my body feels much more right and certainly more loving to me. Eating the right foods, exercising just as my body needs it (not too much, not too little), getting a massage, stretching, taking a bath or a shower, dry-brushing, oil pulling, taking my vitamins and whatever else are caring for my body. Yes, perhaps I would do the same if I was working on my body. Perhaps the action or even the end result may be the same or very much similar, but caring for my body feels more loving than working. Caring for my body feels right, it feels kind and it feels true.

I believe that caring for our bodies, loving bodies and respecting our bodies are all essential.

Loving my body comes from my soul. It is a deep routed feeling that cannot be questioned and is just naturally right.

Respecting my body comes automatically from loving it. It is not only a feeling but a decision.

Caring for my body is the action (or rather a series of actions) expressing and showing my love and respect for my body. Just like I show my love and respect to people, animals and nature through caring actions, I show my love and respect to my body through caring actions as well.

Loving our bodies, respecting our bodies and caring for our bodies are all interconnected, cannot be separated and rely on each other.

This is true for our entire being: our mind and our soul as well. The body is only a part, an essential base, but not all.

Loving ourselves, respecting ourselves and caring for ourselves are all interconnected and are all essential.

Of course, in today’s crazy world it is not always easy, it is a learning curve, a twisty road with ups and downs, mistakes, forgiveness, and learning experiences. It is not about perfection. It is about the intention, the process and the progression.

Just turn to your heart. If you come from your heart and from love, there is no doubt that you are on the right road toward loving, respecting and caring for your entire being.


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