How to Create Mood Shift

It happens to all of us. Likely daily, maybe several times a day. Someone says something, something happens and you get pissed, angry, frustrated or sad. Often we even get pissed at stupid things. In the end, feeling bad only hurts us. But how to get out of a negative, pissy mood?

First: acknowledge what’s going on. Tell a friend, write it in your journal, tell it to yourself. Don’t ignore it. Acknowledge it and acknowledge that it is OK whatever you feel.

Second: Check if it is ‘real’. Ask yourself “Is it {what I am experiencing/the reason behind my experience} real?” It may be or may not be. When I kicked my toe and broke it, my experience of a broken toe was real, the fact that I would be in pain for a while and I wouldn’t be able to run for 2-3 months was real, but the fear and anger that “it is the end of the world” was not, that it “would ruin everything” was not and that I was the “clumsiest person ever” was not either. Whether it is real, not real or mixed, it is ok.

Third: Now also ask yourself: “Is it worth it to be upset over it?” Again, you may feel like it is, may be it is, but you can still choose to let *some* light in. In many cases it likely doesn’t worth it.

Fourth: Then ask “What’s my alternative? How do I want to feel?” Make a choice to make a shift and let happiness/forgiveness/positivity in.

Fifth: Do something positive that immediately shifts your mood. Do a few jumping jacks, turn on the music, dance for a song, do some art work, watch a funny video, color, take 3 deep breaths, center yourself or whatever else that works for you, something that normally brings joy, balance and happiness into your life. There is no right or wrong, 5 minutes of meditation, listening to a death metal song loud, hugging a tree or coloring for 10 minutes can be easily good as long as it shifts YOUR mood and brings YOU joy.

Sixth: Do something positive for someone else. Give someone a genuine compliment, help an old lady across the street, donate to Kiva, send a thank you note, call a friend with a positive message or whatever else. But DO something positive for someone else to get your positive energy into action and use it for ‘service’.

Seventh: Continue to be compassionate, accept your feelings, welcome the small shifts. Repeat these steps as long as you need to. Choose to allow happiness in, to feel happy feeling and to think happy thoughts. Not forcefully, just be open to it.

What are your ways to get out of a funky mood and to raise your happiness?

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