What makes you unique?

“What makes you unique and beautiful?” – someone asked in a FB group I belong to…
It is not one thing that makes me unique but the special combination of all the tiny tid-bits.
When I read the first response to the question, I nodded “wow, this is me, this is true for me too”. I could say 10 or a 100 other things that is “unique” yet at least one if not half or all members could nod, ‘wow, so true for me” too…
So if it is true for so many of us, is it unique?
Not so much.
But the combination of all these not-so or only-somewhat unique stuff makes us all unique.
It’s like cooking. Hm, pasta marinara. There is always some pasta and the sauce with tomato puree, tomato, basil, and such. Cheese, maybe vegan cheese. Pretty basic with the same basic ingredients. Yet, it is never the same. What kind of pasta did you choose: spaghetti, penne, GF or whole wheat? How much garlic do you add? What kind of pasta do you choose? Do you add cheese? A lot or a little? Do you add olive oil to your sauce? Is it all fresh or the puree is canned? Is it a raw pasta with zucchini pasta? And so on. And most importantly, how much LOVE and JOY do you add to you sauce? The unique combination of all these same-old, similar, simple ingredients make your pasta so unique, delicious, beautiful, satisfying, nourishing and fun!
The way I smile, the way I feel, the way I am…noone can be that, do that, feel that exactly just like that.
This is what’s beautiful: all our similarities, not that unique tid-bits connect us but the combination of all this makes us unique, special, beautiful and helps us make a difference in our unique ways.


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