How to create happiness and self-love

Yesterday I shared that once I started looking at my life from the holistic perspective, stopped trying to fix things, but decided to actually be happy, healthy and to love myself, my entire life changed: I healed from chronic physical pain, depression, trauma from abuse, self-harm, ED…I developed self-love and created happiness in my life.

I’ve received some kind comments from you (thank you, xx) and also some questions.

The question I received from so many in personal messages that ones you’ve made the decision to be love yourself and to be happy where to start. There are so many techniques to use, my favorites are mirror work and journaling. But it is the best to start at what feels the best to you. Ask yourself the question: “When do I feel loved?” Everyone has different answers to this. You may feel loved when someone gives you a hug, looks into your eyes, cooks you a nice meals, gives you a present, buys your flowers or watches the sunset next to you…or… it is all personal. But everyone has at least a short list of things that makes them feel loved: you do too. Write this list down. Write down everything that makes you feel loved. Pick one or pick a few and do that every single day for yourself. It really doesn’t matter what it is, just start doing it and be consistent.

Then you can start using proven techniques like mirror work, journaling, affirmations, positive self-talk, body talk, movement and more to create happiness, self-love and health in your life. I can share more about those later, I don’t want to overwhelm you 😉

But remember, small and consistent steps. This is a process. It’s a practice. But you can unlearn your pain and create happiness in your life.

To teach you all the steps to create your happiness and to unlearn your pain is the reason is why I developed a program, A Course on Happiness: Unlearn Your Pain & Find Your Happy to teach you tools and help you to unlearn your pain, to heal your mind, body & soul to establish self-love, to establish self-care rituals, to release anger, judgment and negative emotions, to eliminate negative beliefs, to learn positive patterns of self-talk, to establish a positive relationship with your body, to finally fall in love with yourself and your life…and yes, to find your happiness.

If you want to feel happy, loved, loving, healthy, amazing, excited, joyful, energetic, connected, clear-headed, inspired, balanced, courageous, beautiful, confident, creative, radiant, motivated, free…in another words, ALIVE…the Course on Happiness is for you.

The course starts on August 31st and doors open on August 14th. PM me for details.

But regardless, I will be sharing things I learned throughout my journey here bit by bit.


3 thoughts on “How to create happiness and self-love

  1. Stay informed concerning huge occasions throughout your life in a journal. This will help you manage your emotions and empower you to think back on your past and perceive how you have developed.

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