Find Your Happy: 1st step to mirror work

The past few days I had several posts about how to unlearn your pain, how to find happiness, health, self-love and freedom. I am so excited about all the comments and lots of personal messages I am receiving continuing the conversation.
I am SO excited that YOU are excited about creating happiness in your life.
A lot of you have asked about mirror work. How to do mirror work?  The awesome thing about mirror-work is that you can do so much with it. It is literally an amazing tool to create a connection with yourself, to develop self-love, to solve problems, to use it along with many other tools and just to start smiling again out of excitement for your life. But how to start it? Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Not only look at yourself, but actually make eye-contact. Look deeply in your eyes. Yes, create a deep eye contact. It may feel emotionally or even physically uncomfortable. You may cry. You may get sad or angry. It is okay. Just keep the eye contact. Resist the urge to look away for as long as it’s possible. Then let go. Whether you can make it for 5 seconds or several minutes, it is okay. It is ok to feel uncomfortable. Do this again the next day then the day after and so on until you are able to keep eye contact for 2-3 minutes at least. Then start the positive self-talk and other mirror-work exercises, we can get to later.
If you are new to this, or even if you are not new, but still not fully comfortable, just relax. It is okay. It is normal. It is a process and a practice. But it will help you creating a connection with yourself, developing self-love and happiness.
It was difficult for me at first. I felt so much hate, I literally wanted to spit on my image instead of looking into my eyes. I cried. It got better. And suddenly, one day, I felt a deep sense of connection, compassion and love…yes, I felt love for myself. And I knew it was possible. 
It is possible for you too.
This is why I developed a program, A Course on Happiness: Unlearn Your Pain & Find Your Happy to teach you tools and help you to unlearn your pain, to heal your mind, body & soul to establish self-love, to establish self-care rituals, to release anger, judgment and negative emotions, to eliminate negative beliefs, to learn positive patterns of self-talk, to establish a positive relationship with your body, to finally fall in love with yourself and your life…and yes, to find your happiness. 
If you want to feel happy, loved, loving, healthy, amazing, excited, joyful, energetic, connected, clear-headed, inspired, balanced, courageous, beautiful, confident, creative, radiant, motivated, free…in another words, ALIVE…the Course on Happiness is for you.
The course starts on August 31st and doors open on August 14th. PM me for details.

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