How To Get Published on the Huffington Post


I posted this in two Facebook groups and it got so popular… I bet there are some of you that are still curious how to get published on the HuffPost. I copy my comment below 🙂

#1 first you need to email Arianna at You can either send her a pitch for your article or email you article or just send her an email with your interest. For a Pitch you can just include your title/topic suggestion or an outline. If you send your article, send a few lines along with it along with your interest of contributing. Or simply introduce yourself + your expertise that you would like to write about 🙂 I personally set an article along with a super brief 2 line message.

#2 You will receive an email back from Arianna that she would love to have you on board & publish your stuff. You don’t need to worry about this, I got an email within 24 hours, and most seems to receive a response within a week the most.

#3 You will receive a link how to set up your profile & read/accept the terms/conditions and guidelines.

#4 You are READY to post!!!

#5 From this point on you do NOT need to pitch, in fact, I don’t even think there is an option for it. Just write your article keeping mind their guidelines (word count etc) & upload it according to the direction you received along with your profile. smile emoticon Submit. Now it is up to your editor smile emoticon

#6 If your post is approved, chances are it will be posted on the HuffPost within 24-72 hrs. It can take longer of course. The editor may require some changes (eg. more links, change in your language etc) or may even reject it if it doesn’t seem to resonate with her/him/theHuff’s mission… I’ve never had an article rejected, but I know that it can happen (it can even happen with the original article you’ve sent to/pitched to Arianna). You can upload articles are often as you’d like.

That’s it smile emoticon

It is very similar to writing for Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, or whatever other websites that accept articles..except on the Elephant, for example, it is so easy to find the contributor guidelines etc – somehow the HuffPost keeps it a ‘secret’… I was surprised how easy it was.


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One thought on “How To Get Published on the Huffington Post

  1. Thanks Kat for this post! I will bookmark it and cross my fingers it works. I feel having a completed post and a few more topic ideas can really seal the deal you know? I just don’t have the time this month so crossing my fingers Feb is my month to get on HuffPo!

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