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… a safe place for women on holistic health, happiness and self-love…

 I am Kat, Holistic Health & Happiness Coach, specializing in the mind-body-soul connection, healing from chronic pain, emotional healing and healing from child abuse.

I started this blog years ago to document my steps healing from my chronic headaches. First I was experimenting only healing through proper nutrition then slowly got into personal development, self-love, spirituality and energy healing. Deep self-work, emotional healing and recognizing the mind-body-connection was super important for me and contributed to my healing. I did not only heal from chronic headaches, but I got on this beautiful journey and created a happy, healthy and beautiful life.

Now, I want to help you to heal your pain and to create holistic health, true happiness, self-love and freedom.

I can to help you to create YOUR dream life: no pain, only happiness and health!

I practice a unique (w)holistic approach taking into account your mind, body and soul in order to allow you to truly heal and to fully live.

Taking care of our body is often the basis of everything. When your nutrition is off, your body is exhausted and you are in pain all the time, it can be incredibly difficult to function and to focus on you mind-soul. However, when our mind is hurt, held down by deep-rooted pain, sad, scared, anxious and is in the opposite state of happiness, it can be difficult to take care of your body and may be temporary soothing to reach for junk food and just sit on the couch, instead of focusing on wellness. Those who have grown up in a dysfunctional or unloving household often fault themselves, often feel that they are not enough and maybe even reject the notion that they deserve love, care, health and happiness. Feeling so low about oneselves, survivors often stop caring for themselves properly, sometimes on purpose, sometimes sub-consciously. When someone doesn’t take care of their body and mind, then everything goes off balance and it becomes impossible for the soul, the true, permanent essence to shine. It often becomes a Catch 22 and the holistic self gets thrown off balance. What area is more off balance and what area needs more attention, depends on the individual, but I have found in my personal journey and in the journey of my clients that it is impossible to heal without attending all areas: the mind, the body, and the soul.

Together, we will explore the (w)holistic you, examining all areas that you struggle with and by focusing appropriate attention to each area we heal the (w)holistic, beautiful and entire YOU.

Throughout your journey, you can finally:

*learn not to be haunted by your past

*overcome self-hatred and low self-esteem

*establish self-love and love for life

*overcome self-destructive behavior, addiction and disordered eating patterns

*overcome depression and anxiety

*learn positive and healthy patterns of self-talk

*learn and establish daily self-care rituals

*gain better self-awareness

*gain self-respect and respect of others

*gain more confidence

*learn and practice forgiveness

*learn and practice gratitude

*let go of judgment of yourself and others

*gain a deeper sense of meaning in life

*tap into your true self and start living your purpose

*take care of your mind-body-soul through self-loving habits and self-talk

*start living in freedom

*finally experience happiness and health

…and anything else you can dream of…

I promise you: it’s possible.

I am a living proof that you don’t have to live in pain for your entire life. Life is out there waiting for you.

I promise you: it is possible for you too! I am here to support you along the way: to listen to you, to guide you, to hold you hand, and to love you. I am here for you!

Besides being passionate about healing from child abuse, holistic happiness, living in freedom as our authentic selves and holistic health, there are many layers to me… I am Hungarian by birth, International by choice and a global nomad. I believe in the unconditional love, positive psychology and the power of plant-based living foods. I am a runner, traveler, health-maker, happiness-creator, nature-lover, free-hugger, writer, educator and a whole lot more. I dare to be authentically myself. I dare to embrace my own journey. 

dare to be happy and healthy.

xmas 147



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  1. That’s an amazing journey you’ve had. Thanks for referring to me on your Bloggers for Peace post, that’s how I found your blog. I just watched the movie “Food Matters” and even though I’ve always been inspired to eat healthy, I am even more now! Looking forward to reading your new posts, love Ula

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