A COURSE ON HAPPINESS: Unlearn Your Pain & Find Your Happy


A revolutionary program that will teach you to find YOUR happiness full of joy, inspiration, energy, health and freedom

Discover the secrets to unlearning your pain, eliminating limiting beliefs, releasing anger, shedding fears, and handling the ups and downs of life with ease

Discover the secrets to learning the steps to happiness, boosting your self-love, finding your confidence, inspiring yourself, creating health, manifesting your dreams, falling in love with your life and living your life in happiness


Yesss, I’m Ready to Invest into My Happiness & Health!


Or let me just ask you one question…

Are You Ready to Find Your Happy: the secret to jump out of bed every morning smiling and ready live?

If you are ready for:

  • more happiness
  • more self-love
  • more health
  • more energy
  • more love
  • more balance

I will guide you to:

  • unlearn your pain
  • heal your mind, body and soul
  • establish self-love and love for your life
  • learn and establish self-care rituals
  • learn not to be haunted by your past
  • release anger, judgment and negative emotions
  • learn positive and healthy patterns of self-talk
  • eliminate limiting beliefs to live your dreams
  • gain more self-respect, self-confidence and self-awareness
  • find comfortable and confident in your skin
  • shed your fears
  • start living instead of surviving
  • tap into your true self and start living your purpose
  • find what is your happiness
  • fall in love with your life and live in happiness & health

If you want to feel happy, loved, loving, healthy, amazing, excited, joyful, energetic, connected, clear-headed, inspired, balanced, grateful, courageous, beautiful, confident, creative, radiant, motivated, free…in another words, ALIVE…the Course on Happiness is for YOU!

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your happiness, your health and your life?

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The program starts on August 31, 2015.

You will get:

  • The Course on Happiness Class Pass
  • The Course on Happiness Workbook
  • Video Coaching Each Week
  • Exclusive Access to The Course on Happiness Private Facebook Community
  • Personal Support and Q & A time on Facebook with Kat, Holistic Health & Happiness Coach
  • A Happiness Log
  • A Daily Health & Happiness Tracker
  • BONUS gift #1: “Real Food”, an amazing recipe book with 155 whole foods recipes
  • BONUS gift #2: “Seeking Wellness”, a collection of true life stories to inspire your soul
  • BONUS gift #3: “Reflection, Goal Setting & Manifestation”, an ebook to create your best year yet


Week 0 (8/24 – 8/30) – ‘Orientation’: welcome & getting ready

Week 1 (8/31 – 9/6) – Starting in the Present: Evaluate where you are at. Start looking at your life as a connected whole. Identify your deepest core issues. Set goals and intentions.

Week 2 (9/7 – 9/13) – Gratitude & Happiness: Learn why is gratitude so important and how to develop gratitude. Learn the basics of happiness and start creating happiness in your life. Dive into journaling, a loving and healing practice to change your life.

Week 3 (9/14 – 9/20) – Loving & Taking Care of Your Body: Learn basic healthy eating principles. Start eating the rainbow. Learn simple detox principles that you can incorporate into your life. Learn how to eat mindfully. Start nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Week 4 (9/21 – 9/27) – Body Love & Body Talk: Learn how to love your body. Learn how to establish self-care rituals. Get in touch with your body and learn how to understand its signals. Start healing your body through body talk and visualization.

Week 5 (9/28 – 10/4) – Letting Go: Learn the most powerful journaling technique to release negative emotions and replace them with positive ones each morning. Learn how to release the past, move over trauma and let go of negative emotions with a variety of simple yet effective techniques.

Week 6 (10/5 – 10/11) – Self-love ~ Conversations with Self: Learn mirror-work through an easy step-by-step guide to create a positive and loving relationship with yourself once and for all. Learn how to establish positive self-talk.

Week 7 (10/12 – 10/18) – Self-love ~ Becoming the Real You: Learn what self-love really is and why is it so important. Create the ideal version of you and start living that way. Learn how to use affirmations and afformation effectively and easily to change your life.

Week 8 (10/19 – 10/25) – Living in the Present & Creating the Future: Learn simple techniques how to be present and create happiness, balance, health and love now. Learn why vision boards are so powerful and create yours. Find out how to manifest your dreams. Now that you’ve unlearned your pain and found your happy, learn how to continue to live your life in happiness, health, love and freedom.

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The Course on Happiness is designed just for you – someone who wants to unlearn her pain, to find her happy, to start living instead of surviving, and to finally be happy, healthy and free. No prior knowledge is needed, but experience healing and self-help junkies are welcome too to finally start living in happiness without having to buy more books and programs.

The program aims to guide you have to actually LIVE a happier life.

Happiness and health is knocking on your door. Answer!


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