Loving Feedback

“Coaching with Kat was nothing short of amazing. She has a kind spirit, she is a wonderful support and a true inspiration. I felt better after each session and step-by-step I transformed my life: now I enjoy waking up every day.” Lisa, Canada, Graduate Student

“With each conversation Kat helped me to break down emotional blocks and barriers I had. She gently pushed me to go deep, to question my beliefs and to realize who I am. With her help, I was able to get out of an abusive relationship, stand up for myself and start living. Thanks to her, I am more confident and happier than ever.” Emma, Peru

“You asked questions so well. You got me to slow down. I really appreciated the after-notes you sent. You have such a warm and truly deep presence. I appreciate you and your work and the gift of your offering it to me.” Alana Thea, USA, Intuitive Business Consultant

“Kat listens very well and will help you realize the power already within yourself that can help bring about the changes you need by helping you identify mental habits and thought patterns that may not serving you any longer. She will jump start the healing process that already exists within you!” Jared Ciofaro, USA, Yoga Teacher

“Mirror work is part of my routine now. It changed my life. Self-love is possible. Thanks.” Anon, Nomad

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate your coaching today! Thank you for the dance information- I love to dance and this sounds like something I could get into. I look forward to digging into this awesome recipe book you gave me. Thanks very much, it looks great. The gluten free options will be helpful for me. I really appreciate your insight and help pinpointing some of the causes behind my nutrition/sweet cravings of late. You were incredibly helpful today.” Amber Hurwitz, USA, Artist

“I really enjoyed my conversation. It helped me put my goals and personal needs into perspective. I left the call motivated to follow through with some of the goal steps we came up with. Already feeling more grounded and peaceful !!! Thank you so much ” Lisa, USA, Public Speaker & Advocate

“Thank you so much for your love, care and support. You are a blessing. And you inspired me to stay true…it all will work out. Now I will cry. Sweet tears of appreciation.” A. Taylor, USA

“Thank you for today’s session. I am feeling great right now! Thanks for your suggestions- I love the simplicity of them.” Anna, UK, MD
“Thank you SO MUCH for today! I feel so inspired and supported and on purpose.” M.H., USA, Marketing Professional

“Even though we have finished coaching months ago, my life is still transforming because of my work with Kat. Since then I have quit my job, changed my career path and love the work I do. I have left an unserving relationship and just recently found love. My life is getting better and better.” Katica, Hungary, Finance Professional

“Kat Gal is a great coach.  Yes she knows all about the nutrition and how we need to move more to loose weight.  However, Kat’s gift is her ability to listen and then ask you questions to make you think.  She does this in a very supportive way. She has no airs of superiority, she is very real and all that she gives truly comes from her heart. ” Barbara Tsipouras, USA, Registered Nurse

“It was an honest, open, real session. Attention was devoted to me, not distracted even though not in person meeting. Definitely see clients having a huge success when working with Kat.” Lenora Koopmeiners, USA, Pharm. Tech.