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I absolutely love to meet other beautiful and inspiring healers, dreamers, peacemakers and joyful souls around the world. Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, but in my heart I always dance and smile. On my mission to create beautiful connection I love to share my knowledge and experience creating happiness and health. Here you can find where I shared my love. Read, learn, smile, and get inspired:


Tiny Buddha:  

Using Our Passions While We Can And Never Giving Up
6 Lessons from a Brave Little Girl About Living a Love-Filled Life
5 Simple but Often Forgotten Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong
Be Present, Be Yourself: 5 Lessons from Dance Meditation


Finding Home Inside Your Heart
How to Feel Truly Connected with Nature

 The Real Us:    

Rewriting My Story: from Chronic Victim to Courageous, Passionate Woman
No Longer in Pain, Alone, or Afraid of My Own Shadow
How I Forgave Decades of Abuse and Set Myself Free
The Man Who Taught Me the True Meaning of Friendship
My Father Who Abused Me is Dead. Here is How I Feel

Young & Raw:

5 Things that Can Immediately Improve Your Happiness in Life
10 Things People Who Practice Self-Love Do Daily
10 Foods to Eat for Shedding Water Weight and Reducing Inflammation
Being in Nature Can Reduce Depression and Positively Change Your Brain

Elephant Journal:

5 Ways to Create Happiness Now
An Open Letter to All Women
Gifts from the Dying: Lessons I Learned Before Saying Good-bye to my Grandmother
Tame Down Your Inner Bitch
3 Ways to Beat Loneliness & Feel True Belonging
Finding Strength & Healing Through Vulnerability
10 Things to Know before Enrolling in Life Coach Training
10 Simple Coping Tips to Deal with Chronic Pain
There is Life Beyond Facebook
The After Myth: Love Your “Now” Body Now!
21 Things People with Chronic Pain Want You to Know

The Huffington Post

10 Hungarian Habits I Lost When I Moved to the US
5 Strategies to Deal with Negative Comments on Your Blog Post
Why I Travel the World. And You Should Too.
What to Never Say to People with Chronic Pain
How to Create a Mood Shift Quickly
What to Do if You are Not Loved

Rebel Society

Stop Being a Victim & Hiding Behind Being Misunderstood

Fit Life TV

7 Spring Cleaning Kitchen Tips to Spring Clean Your Body
4 Shocking Reasons to Stop Sitting So Much (Tips Included)
7 Steps to Cheap, Easy Meal Planning
Top 14 Things to Bring YOU Happiness Now
Top 5 Super Spices for Beating & Defeating Chronic Inflammation
Keep Your Lymph Flowing Smoothly and Properly
How Standing Positively Influenced My Health
Why and How to Eat Broccoli
How to Enjoy the Sun Naturally
5 Magical Reminders to Be Present Daily
10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Try (Especially if You Are Vegan)
I’m Giving Up These Healthy Habits – You Should Too
8 Secrets to Choosing the Right Probiotics for You and Your Family
Top 4 Reasons to Start Eating Local, Organic Plants
Top Reasons to Love Strawberries and Great Ways to Eat Them
Top 10 Vitamin C Foods
Detoxifying Green Lemonade
9 Surprisingly Easy Steps to Mindful Eating
Essential Practices I Do Every Morning – And You Should Too
Top Reasons to Love Strawberries and Great Ways to Eat Them Too
9 Surprising Household Uses of Coffee
Healthy Summer Juice Recipe
You Are What You Think
Shocking Signs You May Have Adrenal Fatigue
How to Predict a Heart Attack Before it Happens
15 Amazing Healthy Ice Creams You Need to Try
What You Probably Never Realized About Vitamin Water
Easy to Make Chocolate Cranberry Granola
The Truth About Fruit Sugar
Creating Your Own Eating Plan Using These Tricks
Sexy Summer Smoothies You Need to Try
14 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs to Know
Shocking Signs You Are Dehydrated
Secrets to Creating the Best Fruit Salads
What I’ve Learned About Self-Love
Proven Ways to Truly Love Yourself
Why You Should Start Using Cinnamon
Say Good-Bye to the Scale by Taking Your Power Back
3 Health Documentaries that Changed My Life
What Ramen Noodles Companies Don’t Want You to Know
A Simple Trick for Super Healthy Hummus
Start Using a Dry Brush to Make Your Skin Glow
Stop Using Laundry Detergent Forever (Here is How)
21 Affirmations to Boost Happiness
Top 8 Sugar Myths You Need to Stop Believing
200 Million Suffer from a Thyroid Condition – Are You One of Them?
10 Life-Changing Lessons from Wayne Dyer
Stop Using Laundry Detergent Forever (Here is How)
Detox Your Body Naturally
Do This to Lose Weight
Guide to Protecting Your Body
The Powerful Antibiotic in Your Kitchen
Working Long Hours Doesn’t Make You More Productive
The Top 7 Most Powerful Medicinal Herbs
Paleolithic People are BREAD and so CAN you
Staring Into Someone’s Eyes for 10 Minutes Can Alter Your Consciousness
This is Why School and Work Shouldn’t Start Until After 10 am
13 Best Sources of Omega-3s that Reduce Inflammation 
I’m A Health Coach – Here are the Myths I am Sick of Hearing
8 Signs You NEED a Detox
10 Signs You Are a Health Junkie
​Magical Pumpkin Power Balls for Halloween
9 Tips to Shop on a Budget and Still Eat Healthy
​Top 5 Superfoods Every Runner Must Eat
​You Won’t Be Able to Stop Eating This Eggplant Spread
10 Ways You Can Change The World
3 Easy Moves You Should Try to Fight Hip and Knee Pain
Sweeden is Shifting to a 6-hour Work Day
Chemical Found in Ayahuasca May Be Able to Completely Reverse Diabetes
Use Turmeric Before Ever Swallowing Another Ibuprofen Again
High Fructose Corn Syrup is Now Marketed as a Natural Sweetener
5 Proven Ways to Stop Your Anxiety
You NEED to Try This DIY Face Scrub

Positive Truth

Do You Want Your Life to Change?
15 Universal Truths about Love that You Need to Know
6 Essential Ways to Spiritually Balance Your Emotions

Andrea Beaman:     

7 Rules to Stay Healthy on the Road

Allison Tuffs:  

5 Ways to Love Your Body Today

 It’s Progression:  

Love Your Body Now

The Nourishing Soul:  


Including Cake:  

Happy Healthy Beet Juice Recipe & “Spotlight” Interview



Kat Gal: Hungarian by Birth, International by Choice

The True You Project:     

Happy & Healthy with Kat Gal
Real, Raw & Related with Kat Gal

 Holistic Explorer  

December Inspiration Sister; Kat Gal

Including Cake: 

Happy Healthy Beet Juice Recipe & “Spotlight” Interview

Healthy Belly Happy Mind: 

Foodie Friend + Broccoli & Olive Salad Recipe